Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gov. Matugas chosen to lead LMDA

By US News Agency / Asian

Surigao del Norte Governor Sol F. Matugas was chosen unanimously Tuesday by the Lake Mainit Development Alliance (LMDA)-Board of Trustees as LMDA chairperson.

On the other hand, Region XIII National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Regional Director Carmencita Cochingco was reelected as vice chairperson.

The election of Matugas and Cochingco was held during full membership meeting of the LMDA-BOT held at the Agusan del Norte Provincial Training Center here.

The BOT election of chairman and vice chairman followed a rule agreed by the previous Board of Trustees to select a new set of officers after every election of local government officials.

The reorganization of the BOT will give opportunity for the newly-elected local government officials to be chosen as officers of the BOT and replace the officials that lost during the election.

Another rule set by the BOT is that the position of the vice chairperson is to be set aside for the line agency members. The customary practice is that the member line agencies prefer NEDA to be the vice chairperson.

The vice chairperson can also act as a convenor when the selected officials lose in the local election. The treasurer of the organization is set for the host municipality.

The selected local government officials will serve as officers of LMDA during their term of office. The rule set by the previous BOT can be changed as agreed by majority of the members.

LMDA manages the Lake Mainit, considered at the second largest lake in the Philippines that involves the municipalities of Mainit, Malimono and part of Alegria, all of Surigao del Norte, the municipalities of Kitcharao, Jabonga and part of Santiago, all of Agusan del Norte.

Source: US News Agency / Asian

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