Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is Lake Mainit’s Pijanga in Danger?

Pijanga, local name for fresh white goby is the major fish specie in Lake Mainit. However, the latest report shows that pijanga size is reduced. Is Pijanga now under threat?

Based on the latest study on the Sustainable Fisheries Management Program (SFMP) for Lake Mainit conducted by the MSU-Naawan researchers from August to October 2007, it was found out that there were 27 kinds of finfish species of which some might be temporary (migratory or seasonal); 3-5 kinds crustaceans; 8-10 kinds mollusk; and 14 kinds of aquatic plants. And out of 27 kinds of finfish species, the white goby, locally known as pijanga or pedianga is commonly identified from the catches in Lake Mainit area. (more...)

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