Monday, May 01, 2006

Lake Mainit Development Alliance (LMDA)

The Lake Mainit Development Alliance was organized last March 1999, through a Memorandum of Agreement among two provinces, eight municipalities and several national line agencies.

The Alliance was recognized by the Regional Development Council (RDC) per RDC Resolution No. 11, S. 1999.

Lake Mainit as a diverse ecosystem with safe and crystal clear waters surrounded by verdant mountains endowed with abundant natural resources which is an eco tourism destination sustainably managed by an empowered citizenry for economic development and environmetal protection.

Main Features
Watershed Area : 87,072 has.
Aggregate Land Area :72,372 has.
Lake Surface : 14,700 has.
Shoreline : 50 km.
Maximum Depth : 223 m.
Mean Depth : 128 m.
Volume : 18.00
No. of Tributaries : 28 rivers
Outlet of the Lake : Kalinawan River
Length : 20 km.

Lake Mainit is reported to be the habitat of rare fish species: the puyo or climbing perch and gabot. The lake is very scenic and its water has remained generally clear and clean. Various points around it can be potential tourist attractions. Thus, in the Caraga Tourism Master Plan, the lake area is identified as a tourism subzone, mainly for adventure tourism and ecotourism.

Zimmbodilion Y. Mosende

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