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Mainit Community-Based Resource Management Initiatives

Mainit Community-Based Resource Management Initiatives

MAINIT, Surigao del Norte [April 20, 2006]
Prepared By: Project Teams of the AID Foundation and Lake Mainit Development Alliance

Preparatory Activities
To ensure success of the project launching, coordination meetings with the Secretariat of the FOCAS Lake Mainit and Municipal Local Government Unit were facilitated.

Setting of the date, expected guests and participants, venue preparation and catering services for the snacks as well as the persons to be involved in the program were defined. Task of the things to be done was shared among the implementing partners.

At 10:00 in the morning of April 20, 2006, there was a short meeting with FOCAS Secretariat and Municipal Planning Office to have a last minute check of the program as planned. Venue was ready with nice stage decoration and backdrop. The activity secretariat was also ready with their garland for the guests. The sound systems were well-prepared with no technical defects and snack caterer was ready ahead of time.

The signage was installed in front of the gym and the welcome banner was also hanged.

Program Proper
Registration of guests and participants started at 1:30 in the afternoon. A total of 98 graced the occasion who were representatives from the people’s organization of the three barangay beneficiaries namely: Tapian Developers Association from Barangay Tapian, Tagbuyawan Lakeshore Association of Barangay Tagbuyawan and Dayano Farmers Association of Barangay Dayano. Representatives from the different offices of the Municipal Local Government Unit, the project team of Lake Mainit Development Alliance and the personnel of the implementing NGO, the AID Foundation, Inc.

The program started with the unveiling of the signage for Barangay Dayano. Unveiling was done by Mr. David Swete Kelly, the PACAP Program Director assisted by Hon. Mayor Rogelio M. Gatpolintan and witnessed by crowd.

After the unveiling, Mr. Johny Natad, the master of ceremonies called Ms. Narissa Virtudazo to lead the invocation followed by a record play of the national anthem.

Introduction of the stakeholders was facilitated by the FOCAS Coordinator of LMDA, Mr. Omar C. Barillo. Acknowledgment of the participants was made through calling per organization and agency.

“Marajao na hapon” the first words of Engr. Kaiser B. Recabo, Jr. the Coordinator of Lake Mainit Develoment Alliance as he gave the welcome address. He happily noted the presence of the Municipal Mayor, the PACAP Program Director, Executive Director of AID Foundation and the different offices from the local government units. He was also glad for the positive response of the project stakeholders to the invitation to the launching activity. He mentioned that the Province of Surigao del Norte is clustered into 4 FOCAS areas according to ecosystem. These are the Lake Mainit, Hinatuan Passage, Dinagat and Siargao Island.

Mr. Recabo said that we belong to a very unique ecosystem because of the beauty of the lake. The Lake Mainit Development Alliance is headed by the Governor and very supportive to the development of the lake so we will also work and help each other to preserve and conserve the lake. “This project is one of the initiatives that will help much. It is my honor then to welcome you all to this launching activity”, he ended.

Hon. Rogelio M. Gatpolintan, Municipal Mayor of Mainit started his inspiring message with greetings to all the stakeholders.

The mayor is very thankful to the government of Australia for extending assistance to our country. He said that it is a humanitarian task of the Australians to share its resources to us wherein in the next years we can see the developments we have from Australia. We as beneficiary of this project, we will give our best to do good even if the assistance is big or small but it will make a difference. The assistance is not forever, it has an end and this assistance may realize our dreams. If we want to improve, we should dream and work for that dream. Let us unite to be successful with our endeavor. “Atong bugtian ang kaayo sa Australia”. Let us do good with our project and it is my hope that we will succeed on this.

After the message from the Mayor, a song solo was rendered by Ms. Mirasol Baron. She sang the beautiful song entitled “Ngayon”.

The next part of the activity was the messages from the Barangay Captains of the barangay-beneficiaries.

Hon. Ronnie C. Orcullo, Barangay Captain of Dayano was the first one who gave the message. He mentioned that while the program has not started, he was standing outside the gym. He heard somebody saying why the signage is only for Barangay Dayano. In his mind, he is saying probably the signage is only for my barangay because I am the only barangay captain present in this activity. (Actually, the other two barangays have also its signage and ready for delivery).

“I am sincerely thankful to PACAP for it is us who will benefit from the project. No one will succeed if you will not give your best - - “palpak jud”. Barangay Captain Orcullo assured to give their full support to the project and happy to be a partner of AID. He requested Mr. Recabo to tell the Australian guests what he is talking about since he cannot speak in English.

In behalf of the Barangay Captain of Tagbuyawan, the first councilor Ms. Flora Pendolas gave the message. Ms. Pendolas expressed their thanks and grateful of the assistance from PACAP. She encouraged all the members of their cooperative to support the project to make it successful. She also mentioned that she learned a lot from the first training that was recently provided to them. I look forward working with AID and happy to be a part of the project.

The Cultural Dance Troupe of the Mainit National High School rendered an ethnic dance which the Australian couple enjoyed watching and the whole crowd as well.

PACAP Program Director Mr. David Swete Kelly begun his message with appreciation of the nice performance of the dance troupe. He extended greetings from Australia and mentioned that he has memorable days today and for the last three days because he was able to attend and witnessed project launchings. One is in Dinagat, another in Bucas Grande and the last in Lake Mainit.

He is very happy of the relationship of Australia with the Province of Surigao del Norte under the facility of the Philippine-Australian Community Assistance Program (PACAP). The engagement of Australia depicts the relationship of Australia and Philippines. Because of this relationship PACAP continued to deliver funds to the NGO or PO and other agencies to assist/address the needs of the less-privileged communities. PACAP’s focus areas are 5 provinces in Mindanao and FOCAS scheme is the best way to continue the relationship - - - work in partnership.

It is my great joy to inaugurate the projects. PACAP is not run by Australian people. I am the only Australian in the Advisory Council, the rest are Filipinos. I am very happy because I can see your energy, enthusiasm, passion and commitment for the project. Bong had a wonderful job - - working in partnership with the province. This is your project! It is meant to benefit you - - the project documents specifies the objectives and what your needs are. It should not end after three years. Even after project life, you have to continue working together in partnership for the development. You have resources, heritage, meaningful livelihood which you should protect for dignity. I need to listen to you, your vision what you need, technical assistance for this project. Your responsibility to your self is not to waste time. We do not want to have a disappointing result, that is why PACAP encourage you to work with us with this project for the community – municipality. He further said, “yourself is the most important person here because you have the opportunity to work together”.

Mr. Kelly thanked AID Foundation for the efforts in developing the project, the continued support and commitment to the community and the hard work for the project. He thanked also for the good relationship of AID with PACAP.

Ceremonial signing of the Project Documents by Mr. David Swete Kelly and Mr. Rogelio O. Fabe witnessed by Mayor Rogelio Gatpolintan.

Each partner PO was given a copy of the project documents.

The Executive Director Mr. Rogelio O. Fabe gave the closing remarks. The latter said that the launching is the beginning of the 3-year project though there were initial project activities already conducted.

His closing message gave emphasis on the success of the project depends on the support and participation of the stakeholders. Mr. Fabe challenged everyone that since this is our project - - ‘in partnership we can. . . . dili usikan ang grasya sa PACAP” we will make good with our project so this will serve as lesson or mirror with other barangays. Let’s keep the partnership move us forward towards sustainable development.

PACAP Project Launching
Mainit Community-Based Resource Management Initiative
AID Foundation, Inc.

Upcoming Photos
The LGU Mainit serves as the Secretariat of the Activity
Mr. Roger O. Fabe, Executive Director of AID Foundation waves his hand as he was recognized.
Mr. David Swete Kelly, the PACAP Program. Beside him on the right is his wife.
Tapian Developers Association
Tagbuyawan Lakeshore Association
PO’s were very attentive listening to the message of David Swete Kelly

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